[SEMPIO] BLACK VINEGAR (BLUE/BLACK BERRY) / 샘표 백년동안 건강 발효 흑초 (블랙,블루베리) 900ml

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Product Description

백년동안 건강 발효 흑초 블랙,블루베리 900ml Sempio Drinking Black Rice Vinegar -Black&Blue Berry
Enjoyable anytime of the day for refreshment and vitality. Perfect served cold with ice.Usage:Dilute with Water,Sparkling Water or Milk, then enjoy drinking the mixture chilled . Directions: Mixture should be 25% Drinking Vinegar and 75% Water,Sparkling Water or Milk. (Add more or less to your liking).
Naturally fermented brown rice vinegar drink
Contains more than 40% of fruit juice
Made from 100% whole grain brown rice
No commercially produced brown rice extract used
Rich in mineral, essential amino acid, organic acid, and other nutrients
High quality ingredients
During the fermentation process brown rice changes color to black. That is why it is called black vinegar Use as a salad dressing
Add to your favorite beverage
Add to your favorite recipe
Dilute with water or yogurt with ratio of 1:2~1:4