[Harim] Chicken Stew /하림 즉석 삼계탕 (29.98oz)

$ 15.49
Product Description
Harim Instant Samgyetang
Harim Samgyetang is cooked with healthy young chickens which are raised in the clean area, slaughtered on the very day and filled with same ingredients as traditionally eaten Samgyetang. Korea’s Goryeo ginseng, perfectly matched with chicken, chestnut and jujube, rich in vitamin and protein, garlic, indispensable ingredient for healthy Korean cuisine, Those great ingredients produced in Korea passing the strict quality assurance are used for Harim Samgyetang. Chicken feet full of collagen more than any other foods are the main ingredient for thick broth of Harim Samgyetang. Fresh and natural ingredients add nutrition and enhance flavor.
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