[Wang] Soy Bean/왕 메주콩 (2LB)

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[Wang] Soy Bean/왕 메주 콩 (2LB)

Soybeans have been used in various ways on their own and also combined with fermented products to be used as seasonings or side dishes. According to some sources, the use of soybeans in Korea dates back to B.C. Currently, more research is being conducted on soybeans, and the benefits of fermented soybean products are coming to light.

Fermented products are going beyond the boundaries of their use as mere side dishes, and are seeing significant increases in their use as a functional food. Kanjang (fermented soy sauce), Doenjang (fermented soybean paste), and Gochujang (fermented red pepper paste) are the most well-known fermented products in Korea. These products occupy an important place in people's daily lives as seasonings and are used in many side dishes. It has been proven through clinical studies that these products have many health benefits, such as their ability to fight cancer and diabetes, and to prevent obesity and constipation.